this is justin drew bieber, my favourite artist. he's handsome, cool and his voice is nice and his songs are very good. i like all of his songs. and i want to meet him in everywhere. i hope he can follow my account on twitter and i can chat with him on twitter too. but he's not follow me back too now, but i'm so upset with it bit it's okay and it doesn't matter :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

this is me in jogjakarta in my cousins place. and this picture at my cousin's house. in there is very cold because my cousin lived in Bantul and i enjoyed in there
this is my favorite artist too. his name's Kim Sang Bum. he's 20 years old and he played in Boys Before Flowers. in BBF his name's So Yi Jeong and he's playboy in BBF :)

this is me and my best friends at home. we are played together, bu now they're gone for they school and now i always played with my cousins. but sometimes they're come to my home
this is my class at 8c. this picture is on the roof haha. i really like eight class, i really enjoyed at eight class haha :D

this is me and my friends at school and at 9a too. this picture, when we are go to Bandung and in Tangkuban Perahu. when we go to Bandung, we stayed in Pribadi Bandung and we are happy there ;D